What Do We Do?

Since 2010 the MDIS Network members have defined two architectures, interfaced and integrated, that will be supported by the standard. Additionally, after a detailed selection process, the network have chosen OPC Unified Architecture (UA) as the protocol to be used for the MDIS standard, defined common subsea working objects, and undertaken work towards completing the MDIS information model and MDIS certification.

The network will be holding the first MDIS interoperability (IOP) test in June 2015, the aim of this test will be to validate the work completed so far and give the subsea and DCS vendors a chance to test their implementation of the MDIS standard on their products.

MDIS will focus on refining the objects through the first and subsequent IOP tests, as well as defining the implementation of these objects, subsequent objects and other aspects of the communication standard (security, priority, redundancy etc)