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MDIS was formed with a vision to optimise the MCS to DCS communications of topside systems, by defining and establishing a standard for the interface, in order to simplify implementation of data communication links, whilst increasing the data quality. By implementing the MDIS standard the operator will benefit from simplified implementation and testing of the MCS - DCS interface, a single common interface to all subsea vendors' equipment, reduced risk of interface failures and reliable control and monitoring via the DCS.

The focus of MDIS is on the interface between the MCS and the DCS, in order to simplify this communication channel the MDIS network will define standard objects through which data relating to physical subsea components will pass through the interface, standardise the implementation of these objects and define a procedure for testing and certifying products to ensure compliance to the MDIS standard.

The MDIS Standard is based on OPC UA. The first edition of the MDIS Standard was published in January 2017 and is available to everyone via the OPC Foundation here. (You must register for a free account with the OPC Foundation to be able to download the MDIS Standard).